Telescopic observations strategic framework

The telescopic observations strategic framework – a strategic planning tool designed to enhance intelligence gathering and improve marketing planning.

The telescopic observations strategic framework or TOSF (Panagiotou and van Wijnen, 2005)[1] presents an original and radical alternative to SWOT analysis. According to the authors, its integrative design overcomes some of the weaknesses of other available techniques whilst utilising the strengths of SWOT and PEST analyses.

The framework aims to provide a more focused solution to the complex requirements of environmental analysis, intelligence gathering and decision-making, and has been used in various organisational settings since 1999.

The telescopic observations system can be best described as a dynamic programme of continuous situational monitoring, intelligence gathering, organisational learning, and performance monitoring to inform decision making and direct the strategy formulation and re-formulation process.

Focus on strategic direction

At its core, the programme is based on the step-by-step completion of two comprehensive matrices, each with two stages of completion.

Step 1 – Situational analysis to determine the current situation

Step 2 – Evaluation of the findings

Step 3 – Strategy formulation and implementation of SMART strategies

Step 4 – Monitoring and control


  1. ^Panagiotou, George; van Wijnen, Riëtte (2005) ‘The “telescopic observations” framework: an attainable strategic tool’, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 155–171 (17)

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