Stripe (company)

Stripe is an American financial services and software as a service (SaaS) company dual-headquartered in San Francisco, California and Dublin, Ireland.[2] The company primarily offers payment processing software and application programming interfaces (APIs) for e-commerce websites and mobile applications.[3]


Irish entrepreneur brothers John and Patrick Collison founded Stripe in 2010, initially using the name /dev/payments.[4][5][6] In March 2013, Stripe made its first acquisition, Kickoff, a chat and task-management application.[7] In 2012, the company moved from Palo Alto to San Francisco.[6] In October 2019, the company announced that it would be moving from the South of Market area to Oyster Point in the neighboring city of South San Francisco in 2021.[6]


Payment processing

Stripe provides APIs that web developers can use to integrate payment processing into their websites and mobile applications.[8]

In April 2018, the company released anti-fraud tools, branded “Radar”, that block fraudulent transactions.[9]

In 2018, the company expanded its services to include a billing product for online businesses, allowing businesses to manage subscription recurring revenue and invoicing.[10]

On June 11, 2019, Stripe’s point of sale service, called Terminal, was made available to U.S. users. Terminal had previously been invite-only.[11] The service offers physical credit card readers designed to work with Stripe.[12][13] As of July 2020, Terminal supports two card readers: Verifone P400 and BBPOS Chipper 2X BT.[14]

Corporate finance

On February 24, 2016, the company launched the Atlas platform to help startups register as U.S. corporations. The platform originally launched as invite-only.[15] In March 2016, Cuba was added to the list of countries covered under the program.[16] Companies registered using Atlas can be Delaware-based C corporations, or, as of April 30, 2018, limited liability companies.[17]

In July 2018, Stripe began a platform for companies to issue Mastercard and Visa credit cards, available in private beta.[18]


In 2018, Stripe started a publishing company named Stripe Press to promote ideas that support innovative businesses.[19]

In 2019, Stripe began offering loans and credit cards to businesses in the United States. The company stated that loans are approved automatically using machine learning models, with no human intervention.[20]

In October 2020, Stripe announced Stripe Climate, a service for businesses to fund atmospheric carbon research and capture.[21]


In May 2011, Stripe received a $2 million investment from venture capitalists Peter Thiel, Sequoia Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz.[22] Stripe launched publicly in September 2011 after an extensive private beta.[23]

In May 2020, Stripe expanded its services in 5 new markets in Europe: the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Malta.[24]

On October 15, 2020, Stripe acquired Paystack, a Nigerian payment processor, in a deal reportedly worth over $200 million with the aim of expanding its services into Africa.[25][26][27]

In December 2020, Stripe announced plans to expand in Southeast Asia (SEA), China, India, and Japan. It increased its staff in the region by 200 employees.[28]

Funding History
Date Funding Type Number of Investors Money Raised Lead Investor Valuation
Aug 2, 2010 Seed Round 1 Y Combinator [29]
Mar 28, 2011 Seed Round 4 $2M
Feb 9, 2012 Series A 1 $18M Sequoia Capital $100M[30][31]
Jul 9, 2012 Series B 9 $20M General Catalyst [32]
Jan 22, 2014 Series C 4 $80M Founders Fund $1.75bn
Dec 2, 2014 Series C 7 $70M Thrive Capital $3.5bn
Jul 31, 2015 Series C 7 $100M
Nov 25, 2016 Series D 3 $150M CapitalG, General Catalyst $9bn[33]
Sep 27, 2018 Series E 5 $245M Tiger Global Management $20bn[34]
Jan 29, 2019 Series F 1 $100M Tiger Global Management $22.5bn[35]
Sep 19, 2019 Series G 3+ $250M Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst and Andreessen Horowitz $35B
Apr 16, 2020 Series G Extension 3+ $600M Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst, GV and Andreessen Horowitz $36B[36]


Stripe is reported to have participated in two funding rounds for Monzo, a “challenger bank” based in the U.K. Stripe’s first investment in Monzo was reported on November 6, 2017,[37] with a second investment in Monzo’s Series E fundraising round reported on October 10, 2018.[38] Monzo’s valuation grew from approximately $350 million[37] to $1.27 billion[38] through these two rounds of fundraising. Stripe participated in a third round of funding for Monzo on June 24, 2019, which raised approximately $144 million in funding for Monzo at a valuation of approximately $2.5 billion.[39][40]

Stripe has invested in companies offering similar services as themselves, but in different geographical regions. In August 2018, Stripe invested in Paystack, a Nigerian payment processor,[41] and, in September 2019, invested in PayMongo, a Philippine payment processor.[42]

On June 6, 2019, Stripe led a $22.5 million fundraising round for Step, a financial services startup offering fee-free bank accounts to teenagers.[43]

On March 26th, 2020, Stripe led a $20 million Series A fundraising round for Fast, a company creating a universal, one-click checkout service.[44]


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