Steve Lockshin

Steve Lockshin is an entrepreneur and financial advisor, focusing on ultra high-net-worth clients.[1][2] He is a founder of a number of companies, such as Fortigent (formerly Convergent Wealth Advisors and CMS Financial Services) in 1994, Advizent in 2012[3] (which shut down a year later),[4][5] and Advice Period in 2013[6][7] (which was named “Best Wealth Planning Firm” at Family Wealth Report Awards 2019).[8]

He is an early investor in a number of fintech firms, such as Betterment,[9][10][11] Quovo,[12][13] Wealthbox,[14] and Advizr.[15][16]

He has appeared widely in the finance and business press,[17] and at conferences in the financial services and fintech industries.[18][19][20] He has served on CNBC’s Digital Financial Advisor Council.[21]

Convergent Wealth Advisors

Lockshin was CEO for Convergent Wealth Advisors for 18 years (and chairman through 2014),[22] during which time the company became one of the largest RIAs in the industry.[23] In 2011, while he was at Convergent, he was named the “No. 1 Independent Financial Advisor” in the United States by the financial weekly newspaper Barron’s.[24] Lockshin resigned as Convergent chairman in 2014, after the suicide of its CEO David Zier.[25]

Awards and Recognitions

Lockshin has been recognized repeatedly by Barron’s for his excellence as a financial advisor, including as #1 in California twice and #1 nationally. His awards and recognitions include:

  • Barron’s Top Financial Advisors 2013 – State by State (#1 in California)[26]
  • Barron’s Top Independent Advisors 2012 (#2 Nationally)[27]
  • Barron’s Top Financial Advisors 2012 – State by State (#1 in California)[28]
  • Barron’s Top Independent Financial Advisors 2011 (#1 Nationally)[29]
  • Barron’s Top Independent Financial Advisors 2010 (#5 Nationally)[30]
  • The Wealth Management Industry Award for RIA Thought Leader of the Year for 2019[31]


Lockshin has written articles for CNBC,[32][33] and writes a regular column in Barron’s called The Tech Whisperer.[34][35] He wrote the book Get Wise to Your Advisor,[36] which exposes conflicts of interest in the financial advice industry,[37] and argues that individual investors, even very wealthy ones, are often not well-served by their advisors.[38]

He has made a number of predictions about the future of the financial services industry, including that over the next few years there will be a rapid evolution of fintech,[39] and that this will result an increased focus on and need for “unconflicted advice.”[40] He predicts that investment automation will be disruptive,[41][42] making it ever harder for investment advisors to compete with Robo-investing and AI and the big financial firms who use them.[43][44] He has said that the financial services industry is having a “Kodak moment,”[45] meaning that much of the industry, and especially individual investment advisors, are ignoring technological changes just like Kodak ignored the photography industry transitioning from film to digital.[46]


Lockshin has repeatedly criticized the financial services industry for its inherent conflicts of interest,[47] its over-reliance on active investing,[48] its low standards,[49] and its excessive fees.[50][51] (He contends that estate planning and tax planning are much more important for clients.)[52][53] He argues that many investment advisors should not be trusted.[54] He is critical of broker-dealers because they are not required to act in their clients best interests, unlike a registered investment advisor who is a fiduciary.[55][56][57]



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