Sibos (conference)

Sibos (previously known as SWIFT International Banking Operations Seminar), is an annual banking and financial conference organized by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) in various cities around the world. It has been held most frequently in cities in Europe, such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Helsinki, as well as other cities (such as Boston) in North America and Sydney in Australia. In recent years, it has also been held more frequently in Asia, Oceania, and other regions.[1]


The first Sibos was held in 1978 in Brussels.[1] The Sibos in 1990 was held in Berlin shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The conference has an annual turnout of over 7,000 participants from around the world representing the financial services industry. The highest turnout was in the 2010 conference held at Amsterdam which had about 9,600 participants.


People who work in financial markets around the world participate as exhibitors and attendees and discuss issues relevant to the financial industry.[2] Topics at the 2009 event in Hong Kong were integrated risk management, innovation, and cash/treasury management.[3]

Year Location Region Dates Notes
1978 Brussels, Belgium Europe Five years after its foundation, SWIFT organises the first “SIBOS” with 300 participants to maintain contact with its growing user base.”
1979 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Europe
1980 Copenhagen, Denmark Europe
1981 Düsseldorf, Germany Europe
1982 Washington D.C., United States North America The first Sibos outside of Europe
1983 Montreux, Switzerland Europe
1984 Barcelona, Spain Europe
1985 Brighton, United Kingdom Europe
1986 Nice, France Europe
1987 Montreal, Canada North America
1988 Vienna, Austria Europe
1989 Stockholm, Sweden Europe
1990 Berlin, Germany Europe
1991 Hong Kong, Hong Kong Asia The first Sibos in Asia
1992 Brussels, Belgium Europe
1993 Geneva, Switzerland Europe
1994 Boston, United States North America
1995 Copenhagen, Denmark Europe
1996 Florence, Italy Europe
1997 Sydney, Australia Oceania
1998 Helsinki, Finland Europe
1999 Munich, Germany Europe
2000 San Francisco, United States North America
2001 Singapore, Singapore Asia Cancelled following the 11 September attacks
2002 Geneva, Switzerland Europe
2003 Singapore, Singapore Asia
2004 Atlanta, United States North America
2005 Copenhagen, Denmark Europe
2006 Sydney, Australia Oceania
2007 Boston, United States North America
2008 Vienna, Austria Europe 15–19 September
2009 Hong Kong, Hong Kong Asia 14–18 September
2010 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Europe 25–29 October The largest Sibos to date with 8,900 delegates
2011 Toronto, Canada North America 19–23 September The largest Sibos in the Americas to date with 7,600 delegates
2012 Osaka, Japan Asia 29 October–1 November The largest Sibos in Asia Pacific to date with 6,250 delegates
2013 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Middle East 16–19 September
2014 Boston, United States North America 29 September–2 October
2015 Singapore, Singapore Asia 12–15 October
2016 Geneva, Switzerland Europe 26-29 September 8,300 delegates from 158 countries
2017 Toronto, Canada North America 16 – 19 October
2018 Sydney, Australia Oceania 22 – 25 October 7,500 attendees
2019 London, United Kingdom Europe 23 – 26 September
2020 Boston, United States North America TBA
2021 Singapore, Singapore Asia TBA
2022 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Europe TBA


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