Pensions in Vietnam

Pensions in Vietnam are provided through a state pension scheme called social insurance, and private life insurance-type schemes.

State pensions

The state pension system, called social insurance, is administered by the government’s Social Insurance Agency (SIA). Both public and private sector employees are required to participate, though small businesses often ignore it. A small fixed percentage of an employee’s salary is paid to the SIA every month. Upon reaching retirement, the worker is entitled to receive a repayment contributions in a lump sum, or, if they contributed to the SIA for 20 years or more, a lifetime pension. Elderly people without pensions who live in extreme poverty can get assistance from other government programs, though these are generally not well-funded.[1]

Social insurance pensions are insufficient to live on, and the vast majority of elderly people in Vietnam still depend on their families to care for them regardless of whether or not they receive a pension.[1]

Private pensions

People can also choose to contribute additional funds to life insurance schemes, and receive either lump sum or pension payments when retiring, though this is uncommon among low-income workers.[1]


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