MoneyBee (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

MoneyBee was a distributed computing project in the fields of economics, finance and stock markets, that generated stock forecasts by application of artificial intelligence with the aid of artificial neural networks. MoneyBee acted as a screensaver. The project was run by i42 Informationsmanagement GmbH, a consulting private company from Mannheim, Germany. The project was suspended with a standing invitation for any interested in joining the MoneyBee2 project, but MoneyBee2 seems to have been abandoned in early 2010.


The idea was first conceived in an economics thesis on stock forecasts with the aid of artificial neural networks at the University of Heidelberg. The MoneyBee system was then developed by i42 GmbH, Mannheim, who added some innovative features to the original idea.

Since starting in September 2000, many users downloaded the German version. By 2001, about 12,000 users were generating 0.1 Teraflops of computing capacity – comparable to an average university mainframe computer at the time.


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