Jedox is an Enterprise Performance Management software which is used for planning, analytics and reporting in finance and other areas such as sales, human resources and procurement. Its core is a cell-oriented, multi-dimensional in memory OLAP database that has been especially designed for budgeting and forecasting, and data consolidation. The software has a modular Software as a Service platform. It uses Microsoft Excel as its user interface and a Jedox-specific spreadsheet, both browser independent. Jedox is developed by the software provider of the same name (Jedox AG).

Field of use and circulation

Jedox has been developed for planning, analysis, reporting and data consolidation tasks and may be used in all industries and departments. Jedox extracts the required operational data from the downstream systems, converts it into an analyzable form and makes it available to various user groups through need-based evaluations or access options in multiple front-ends.[1]

It is the most salient feature of the software that apart from covering Business Intelligence applications, e.g. OLAP analyses and retrospective reports, it also includes the option to meet Performance Management needs, such as what–if analyses, demand planning, simulation, budgeting, financial planning, and balanced scorecards.

Jedox is used in approximately 140 countries and is shipped in 26 languages. Organizations that have used Jedox to build Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications are, among others, Metro Group,[2] the German Federation of Chambers of Commerce (DIHK)[3] and Swissport.[4]

License Packages

The company offers its software suite in rental models.[5] The rental models give customers the choice of a cloud-based or an on-premises model. Operation is possible through Microsoft Azure Cloud Services[6] in form of a Software as a Service offering. In addition, Jedox offers a free of charge 14-day cloud trial.[7]


The company was founded in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, in 2002 by Kristian Raue and has approximately 200 employees.[8] Since 2008, Jedox has been a stock corporation which is supported, among others, by KfW-Bank and the venture capital corporations Wecken & Cie, eCapital and Iris Capital[9]. Effective October 2018 Florian Winterstein has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).[10]

The company has acquired German software company Reboard, a provider for advanced analytics and mobile reporting, in December 2014.[11] The headquarters of Jedox has been in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, since the foundation of the company. Other branch offices are located in Frankfurt/Main, Düsseldorf, and Paris. Jedox announced the opening of a new subsidiary and branch office in Boston in July 2015 .[12] In the same month, the acquisition of Australian software company Naked Data was disclosed, which resulted in the opening of new Jedox branch offices in Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.[13][14] In February 2020, an additional office has been established in the USA in Seattle.[15]


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