MapAction is a non-governmental organisation that specialises in providing mapping for humanitarian emergencies. MapAction is a registered UK charity. Continue reading “MapAction”


lockdown is a requirement for people to stay where they are, usually due to specific risks to themselves or to others if they can move freely. The term “stay-at-home” or “shelter-in-place” is often used for lockdowns that affect an area, rather than specific locations. Continue reading “Lockdown”

Emergency evacuation

Emergency evacuation is the urgent immediate egress or escape of people away from an area that contains an imminent threat, an ongoing threat or a hazard to lives or property. Continue reading “Emergency evacuation”


An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment.[1] Most emergencies require urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation, although in some situations, mitigation may not be possible and agencies may only be able to offer palliative care for the aftermath. Continue reading “Emergency”

Letters of assist

Letters of assist refers to a contractual document issued by the United Nations (UN) to a government authorizing it to provide goods or services to a peacekeeping or other UN operation. Continue reading “Letters of assist”

International Mobile Satellite Organization

The International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO) is the intergovernmental organization that oversees certain public satellite safety and security communication services provided via the Inmarsat satellites. Some of these services concern: Continue reading “International Mobile Satellite Organization”

Hurricane evacuation

Hurricane evacuation is the immediate and rapid movement of people away from the threat or actual occurrence of a hurricane. County judges, emergency managers and other officials may recommend a voluntary evacuation or order a mandatory evacuation. Continue reading “Hurricane evacuation”

Joint War Organisation

The Joint War Organisation (JWO) is a combined operation of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St John of Jerusalem and was controlled by the non-government Joint War Committee (JWC). The Joint War Finance Committee was created to raise donations and funding. Continue reading “Joint War Organisation”

Management of domestic violence

The management of domestic violence deals with the treatment of victims of domestic violence and preventing repetitions of such violence. The response to domestic violence in Western countries is typically a combined effort between law enforcement, social services, and health care. The role of each has evolved as domestic violence has been brought more into public view. Continue reading “Management of domestic violence”

Information Center for Dangerous Goods

The Brandweerinformatiecentrum voor gevaarlijke stoffen/Information Centre for Dangerous Goods (BIG), established in the Flemish city of Geel, collects and validates information on dangerous goods. Continue reading “Information Center for Dangerous Goods”